Ramona Reiber-Hizi
Josef-Neidhart-Str. 83
D-73337 Bad Überkingen
Tel.: +49 7331 44 11 110

Fax.: +49 7331 898261-1
e-mail: or


Tax-Nr.: 62267/12237

Approval for marketing of car to §49 PBefG exists (Landratsamt Göppingen on 11 July 2012).

Approval for traffic with taxis to §47 PBefG exists (Landratsamt Göppingen on May 6, 2014)

Responsible according to § 55 Abs. 2 RStV: Ramona Reiber Hizi (see address above)


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Term of Services



§1. Scope:


The use of reservation system and the services offered are subject to our following terms and conditions. Relevant is the valid at the time of concluding the contract valid version.


§2. Contract:


According Personenbeförderungsgesetz (PBefG).

§3. Tariffs and transport conditions:


§3.1. Tariffs 

According to Taxitarif-Verordnung des Landkreises Göppingen.


§4. Liability:


The company Taxi and Airport Shuttle CityCar is not liable for the consequences of delays due to unforeseen traffic density, traffic accidents, traffic jams or force majeure. In addition, the company is liable only under intent or gross negligence in accordance with the taken out to cover these risks liability and accident insurance. Prerequisite is grossly negligent or intentional infliction of damage by the company.


§5. Expiration payment:


§5.1. Payment and payment methods :.  

The price listed in the booking confirmation price is to be paid directly to the driver / rider. If you Hin - have trip booked, the fees for both trips must be paid already on the outward journey .. We accept cash or settlement with the insurance company.


§5.2. Bill :
The invoice / receipt will be sent immediately after completion of the journey as a PDF file to your e-mail address. If you absolutely need a receipt / invoice in the vehicle after paying our driver issue you one.


§6. Data protection:


All data collected for implementation of the contract will be used solely for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.

1. September 2017

Your Taxi and Airport Shuttle CityCar Team